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Stancom Hot Deals Surveillance CCTV Security System

 for details.
Special Low Cost Timelapse Video Recorder Deal

Telephone Line Video for details.
You now can see your business at home

VGuard Digital Recorder VGuard Digital Recorder
Record 1000 hrs on your PC hard drive



Hours 8:30am - 5pm Eastern Standard Time



80 GB - 120 GB Video Digital Recorder
30 FPS - 480 FPS (frames per second)
Triplex Multiplexing
Record, Playback, Archive simultaneously
Time Lapse Recording
Dual Media Device

16 Camera Input Triplex Multiplexer Digital Video Recorder

Complete System Hot Deal!!

120 GB DVR Timelape Recorder

Toll Free 1-888-944-CCTV (2288)


Complete System Hot Deal!!


Stancom,Inc est.1962 -Complete Systems Do It Yourself - 1 to 16 Cameras Full Digital Video Recording Up to 480 Frames Per Second -As Low As $495.00 For the Best Deal Call Stan 1-888-944-2288


Ultimate Digital Video Recorder 480 FPS-360 GB HD

120 GB DVR Timelape Recorder

Complete System Do IT Yourself Hot Deals!!

Low Cost Digital Video Duplex Multiplexer

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Toll Free 1-888-944-CCTV (2288)

Outdoor LOW Cost Color Digital Zoom Camera W/ Pan & Tilt Zoom Control

$995.00 List.
Internet Special $695.00 Outdoor Complete W/ Control
Internet Special $595.00 Indoor Complete W/ Control


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