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Digital Video Recorder MPEG4 Surveillance CCTV Security System



Remote Monitoring and Recording


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Stancom Industrial Pro DVR Linux Embedded OS System MPEG4


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Stancom Closed Circuit Video Equipment

STANCOM, INC. Presents......

$495 W/ Software

$595 W/Software & B/W Camera

$695 W/Software & Color Camera


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Digital Video Security System Key Features:

MPEG 4 compression technology

Amazing live videos over the network (internet & intranet); remote monitoring from
anywhere at anytime.

Plug & Play operation; easy installation

Connects up to any 4 video devices; camcorders, existing CCTV cameras, TV, VCR,
DVD, …etc.

MPEG 4 compression technology; Extended hours of real time recording using minimum hard drive space.

Affordable price point to anyone; Replaces commercial VCR, quad splitter,
multiplexer, and web server to save thousands of dollars.


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The system core is a PCI 32 bit interface card which could be plugged in your PC. It digitizes motion image received from input source and stores the image onto Hard Disk.
------ It is a product to replace old-fashion analog CCTV system with incredible low cost.

Remote monitoring and recording via PSTN , Windows network, and Internet * Motion detection alarms
When alarm triggered, get notified by pager and telephone
Alert with audio message
Use timer to activate the motion detection
Notify three different parties when alarm triggered
Mark out unwanted movement
Deter intruders with your own recorded voice
Save alarmed video to separate file log for future viewing

* Multi-card architecture allows up to 4 cards in a PC
View up to 16 screens simultaneously using external splitter
n Remote monitoring and recording designated video card


Allow one channel of audio recording/playback Long recording time - up to 40 days at 3GB hard disk Good image quality Real time coding and decoding - up to 30 frames per second Intelligent motion detected - save hard disk space Programmable recording schedule System maintenance free On line video clip editing Bookmark feature - easily jump to marked image Password protection - authorized access only Snapshot function Full playback functions - pre- recorded images can be instantly located by date/time criteria Recyclable recording capability - choose recording or not when hard drive is full Plug and Play - run on Windows 95/98 Work with all NTSC/PAL cameras Input sources can be CCD cameras, camcorders, VCR, Television and any composite video signal. View the image on the monitor and record the image onto Hard Disk.


Quad unit, Alarm monitor, Time lapse video recorder, Digital Video Player, Video Multiplexor in ONE COMPACT,LOW-COST, hi-tech DEVICE!
Monitor 4 videos

Monitor 4 videos simultaneously. Click on anyone of the 4 video icons on the Windows95 Desktop and a Video Window is created for you to monitor the location of the camera with 16 million colours. Display the Video Window in any size you want and in any place on your VGA screen. You can monitor up to 4 different locations simultaneously, by creating 4 Video Windows.You could switch to black&white (B/W) or assign priorities.
Digital Video recording

Digital Video recording. When an intruder enters a protected area - your sensor triggers the alarm in our small device and your computer starts recording the event with date& time while the alarm is in effect. Actually (thanks to our virtual data storage system) the recording starts 15 frames before the event so you will not miss a thing. You can view any of the 4 cameras during the recording.
Digital video playback

Digital video playback. When the event is over use your computer as a digital video player to playback the recorded video or browse frame by frame. Use your printer to create a hard copy of a frame. You can record up to 40 days of full colour video sequence to 3GB hard drive .

Remote Video Monitoring

Remote Video Monitoring. When you are away, from the premises that you are protecting, you can still observe and record. Instruct your computer to dial you up (when the alarm is triggered) and send via modem the video data to a computer at your remote destination. Verify if there is an intruder or a false alarm. All that is needed is just a regular modem. Or if you prefer you can dial to your computer from anywhere around the world and observe at your convenience or will. Check for unusual happenings.
Motion detection

Motion detection. You can set an area (for each of the four video windows) to detect any motion within. You can select a different area for each camera, as well as choose the SENSITIVITY level for detection of the motion. You can activate automatic recording only if and when motion is detected. There is a built-in weekly timer to switch on and off the alarm features & motion detection for you.


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80 GB Video Digital Recorder
Triplex Multiplexing
Record, Playback, Archive simultaneously
Time Lapse Recording
Dual Media Device

16 Camera Input Triplex Multiplexer Digital Video Recorder
List Price $7,995.00
Internet Special $4,495.00 Fob Atlanta, Ga. Toll Free 1-888-944-CCTV (2288)

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