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STANCOatlanta Presents......

Wall $treet the Bottom Line

Wall $treet the Bottom Line is an exciting, user-friendly software for tracking your investments which has been offered by STANCOatlanta since1989. It is loaded with powerful features to help the serious investor stay on top of his portfolio. These features include:

An easy form for transaction entry and editing
The capability to graphically view your investment performance
A choice of reports to summarize current investments or historicalprofits
An investment notepad to help you remember vital information
A spreadsheet-style summary of investments
A financial calculator for quick investment analysis
A monthly calendar for the years 1753 to 2077

And there's more! The best part is you can get your shareware version right here!! Just clickbelow on the version you want (DOS or Windows) and enjoy. Don't forget to register your copy!!


Download the Windows Version.


Download the Dos Version.


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80 GB - 200 GB Video Digital Recorder
30 FPS - 60 FPS (frames per second)
Triplex Multiplexing
Record, Playback, Archive simultaneously
Time Lapse Recording
Dual Media Device

16 Camera Input Triplex Multiplexer Digital Video Recorder
List Price $7,995.00 - $9,995.00
Internet Special $3,995.00(80 GB)$4,495.00 (160GB) $5,495.00(240 GB)

Fob Atlanta, Ga.

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