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Video Input / Output - Support NTSC/PAL - Six video output - Six video inputs with auto detection of video standard
Compression - Support H.263, M-JPEG, JPEG video compression format
Resolution - Image size: 320x240 - 24 bits true color
Performance - Up to 10 frame/second
Typical Bandwidth - 100K Byte/second (JPEG) - 10K Byte/second(H.263)
Hardware - 32bits CPU, 16MB DRAM - 2MB Flash-ROM for firmware - One 10Base-T Ethernet port - Two RS-232 serial ports - Four digital inputs and four outputs for surveillance - Front panel LEDs for power indication and status - Built-in a mini web server
Audio Input / Output (Optional) - Two mono audio outputs - Three mono audio inputs
System Compatibility - All PC running Netscape Navigator 4.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later
Protocols - Support TCP/IP, PPP, HTTP
Power Supply - 25 watts power consumption, 90-264VAC, 47-63HZ
Size - 304mm(L) x 165mm(W) x 55mm(H)/1.73kg - 11.97in(L) x 6.50in(W) x 2.17in(H)/3.8lb
Stancom Camera Server provides a real-time video capturing and transmitting capability and has a wide range of applications what you think of. It is perfect for factory monitoring, image database system, medical monitoring, care centers, ATM surveillance, security systems and more....
You can apply Stancom Camera Server in three environments :

Just use a standard web browser,Stancom Camera Server can push the real-time video to your PC through Internet. It can be used for web stations, remote monitoring, viewing the scenery, monitoring your house when you are working or traveling, even sending a real-time picture to your friends.
When your offices are located in separate buildings, and connected in LAN environment, you can use Stancom Camera Server to view what happens at the other office, like seminars, meetings...
Direct Dial-in
Stancom Camera Server offers OYO Viewer for point-to-point connection through telephone lines, and it can be implemented with traditional monitoring applications by using Closed Circuit TV (CCTV), or integrated with security systems. It also provides four sets of General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) to connect the sensors and the security equipment. When the equipment detects an abnormal event, like a break-in, Stancom Camera Server can dial back to the Control Center.
Daycare Monitoring Application by using Stancom Camera Server

Live CCTV Demo Real Time!