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Northern Computer Access Control Security Card Entry System

Versatility, reliability and expandability are the three main features that make the N-1000 the most popular access control panel ever.

Another key feature of the N-1000 is its completely distributed database. All card information, time zone information, relay control information and alarm point information is loaded into the N-1000’s memory. The unit can operate completely stand alone without dependence on any other equipment.

The most important feature of any access control system is the ability to be expanded. The N-1000 will operate as a stand alone two or four door controller, and as needs increase, up to 31 N-1000's may be connected on an RS485 drop-line.

Using WIN-PAKTM access control software, a total system is achieved by having each drop-line connected to a communication port, modem or ethernet terminal server.

N-1000 is designed to operate off-line, making access control decisions independently from a PC or other controlling device. It can also be connected to a host computer for system configuration, alarm monitoring and direct control. Connectivity to the host computer is accomplished via direct serial communication (RS232 or RS485), dial-up modem or TCP/IP network connection.

The N-1000-IV-X allows for a card database of 25,000 cards and a transaction buffer capable of storing 6,600 transactions.


* Four reader control panel (N-1000-IV)
* Supports all major reader technologies and 16-digit ABA card formats
* Distributed database for independent operation
* Operates in remote site configurations with dial-up (requires M-56K and N-485-HUB-2) or leased lines
* N-1000-IV-X: 25,000 card memory N-1000-IV: 5,000 card memory
* N-1000-IV-X: 6,600 buffers N-1000-IV: 10,200 buffers
* RS485 and 20 mA legacy communications are jumper selectable
* Compatible with the N-1000-III
* 16 supervised alarm inputs. Separate inputs for tamper switch and primary power fail monitoring
* DPDT Form C relays; four on N-1000-IV, eight on N-1000-IV-X
* 63 time zones to control card access, relays and alarm points
* Relays are “time-programmable” for automatic control
* 12 VDC battery backup
* 12 VDC, 500 mA output for reader/IR devices
* Eight programmable card formats supported
* Preassembled, hinged, locking enclosure with battery and toggle switch
* UL294 listing/CE certification

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Part No. Description

N-1000 Series Controllers
N1000K4 Kit N-1000-IV with enclosure, transformer, suppressors
N1000K4X Kit N-1000-IV-X with enclosure, transformer, suppressors
N-1000-IV Four reader controller module, four DPDT relays, 16 supervised inputs
N-1000-IV-X Four reader controller module, eight DPDT relay outputs and additional card capacity
Hardwired communication devices for N-1000 series controllers
N-485-PCI-2 RS232 to RS485 single port converter
Network communication devices for N-1000 series controllers
N485PCI2L RS485 interface for LANSRLU1
LAN485KIT Kit with LANSRLU1 and N485PCI2L
Dial-up communication devices for N-1000 series controllers
N-485-HUB-2 RS232 / 25 pin modem converter to RS485
M-56K Dial-up modem
X-4 Power transformer for N-1000
S-4 Suppressor kit for each active relay
BAT-3 12V 4A replacement battery

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