A Low Cost Digital Video Recorder CCTV Security System

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CAM T Digital Video Recorder

The CamT Plus automatically records events on the
Memory Card following an alarm. The alarm can be
activated by external triggers and/or by the internal
VMD and/or PIR detector.

The VMD + PIR dual detection
technology, significantly increases the reliability of
the motion detection, thus reducing false alarms. The
VMD enables the use to define specific areas of
interest within the picture frame.

The recorded events
are easily analyzed by simply removing the Memory Card
from the unit and inserting it into a Memory Card
Reader connected to a PC.

The remote control unit
enables the user Arm/Disarm the event recording
process or record events manually. Internal CCD
Camera. 2 video inputs for additional external cameras
. 1 Video output for real time monitoring and camera

VMD + PIR Dual Detection Technology
Benefits: The Cam DVR is a compact CCTV system that
replaces the traditional VCR with external VMD,
external PIR, CCD camera and complicated cable
installation. . Adding 2 external cameras, converts
the unit into a multiple camera CCTV system,
significantly reducing the cost per video input.

Video Output enables the user to view live video from
a selected camera when connected to a CCTV monitor.
This feature simplifies the camera adjustment process
and provides additional monitoring capability.

built-in weekly Scheduler enables the user to
automatically Arm/Disarm the system at predefined
times and days . Simple automatic setup on the Memory
Card defines the: image quality mode, camera visual
parameters, frame rate and number of frames per event
. There are 2 recording modes: Fixed - Records events
until the Memory card is full Cyclic - Records events
successively, overriding old data when the Memory Card
is full . Image integrity - each image is digitally
signed and can be authenticated. .

The fully
functional PIR can be connected to an external control
pane . The 3 color-coded LEDs indicate the status of
the unit
List Price $1,495

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