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N-750 Access Control / Burglar Panel

Security Points - A security point is simply a single point of protection. For your security needs it might be a contact switch on a window or a motion detector, or even the lock control on a door. And with addressable points, the activity and condition of individual security points can be identified.

Zones - A zone is one or more security points grouped together in an electrical circuit. For example, the doors, windows and other security points in a conference room could be identified as a specific zone.

Areas - An area can either be classified by a group of security points, or by one or more zones. You can control your areas individually as well as grouping them together.

Partitions - The N-750 brings you true partitioning in a single system. A partition is an area or group of areas configured into an autonomous system. For example, a management company for a high-rise can invest in one N-750 system to provide individually programmed, monitored and billed access control and security services to each of its tenants. In this type of environment, the cost savings, maintenance and reliability of the N-750 is years ahead of any other technology. What used to take a number of systems, multiple vendors, and a variety of service and monitoring contracts, now can be handled with one system from one company.


  • Flexible and technical effectiveness makes the N-750 the smartest choice for virtually any application.
  • The N-750 offers stand-alone security or seamless integration with access control.
  • For multi-tenant buildings, one N-750 installation can be partitioned to provide up to 8 multiple, independent systems.
  • A campus looking for one solution to service hundreds of people can turn to the N-750 for customized time schedules and user profiles.
  • As a management tool, the N-750 can report facility and personnel activity, system status and system account tracking.
  • Simple readouts at touchpads communicate system status with complete, easy-to-understand statements.
  • Single-function keys at touchpad stations eliminate the need for code memorization or multi-step operations.


  • 16 supervised programmable zones, expandable to 400.
  • Eight true partitions with up to eight areas per partition (64 possible areas).
  • Duress feature.
  • Up to 1,800 users or cards.
  • UL listed for burglar detection, access control and fire (central station reporting only).
  • High speed RS-485 bus to connect touchpads, zone expanders and other accessories.
  • Up to 24 touchpads and/or card reader access points
  • 50 time schedules with 20 ranges per schedule.
  • Auto or manual lock/unlock.
  • Local and Global anti-passback.


Dimensions15"W x 20"H x 3"D
Weight17 lbs.
Power18VAC, 60Hz, 50VA
Temperature32 to 120 degrees F
0 to 49 degrees C
Humidity85% non-condensing
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For detailed information on this or other access control products by Northern Computers, please send e-mail to stancom@mindspring.com.

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